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Environmental Consulting: Mold Consulting
Mold and Indoor Air Quality Assessments are covered by the OSHA general duty clause and the Illinois Department of Labor regulations. PHSI consults on these types of projects on a regular basis. Whenever undertaking such remediation projects in child-occupied, pre-1978 housing or facilities, the presence of lead is to be assumed as positive. Work in these environments must also be done in accordance with the USEPA RRP rule. Whenever planning such work, asbestos regulations must also be followed.  

It is important to address moisture prevention on all mold jobs. Controlling moisture will prevent the re-occurrence of mold, mildew and other forms of microbiological growth during and after remediation PHS, Inc. conscientious of the “Healthy Homes” concept developed by CDC and HUD during implementation of Post-Remediation Verification (PRV), which is a multi-tiered oversight process. The objective of the PRV process is to assess buildings based on the specific type of occupancy within. This determines the type of sampling and follow-up they will receive. The objectives are driven by local code enforcement departments, insurance agency requirements, banks, legal precedents, and susceptible environments containing a body of people with compromised immune systems (such as hospitals or nursing homes).Visual Inspections cognizant of building systems design, their condition, and their maintenance status should be conducted prior to any form of bulk air or dust sampling, unless project is likely to be litigation.
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