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Public Health & Safety, Inc. Environmental Consulting 
Public Health & Safety, Inc. is a Chicago-based environmental and occupational consulting firm. Since 1991 we have been meeting Residential, Public, Commercial and Industrial client's Environmental Consulting need in the State of Illinois.

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Core Competence
Public Health & Safety, Inc. is a Chicago-based environmental and occupational consulting firm. 

  • Our staff maintains professional and academic standards developed at UIC / School of Public Health
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist / Occupational Exposure Specialists / Lic. Air Sampling Professionals
  • Certified Safety Professional / Work and Community
  • Doctor of Public Health / Public Policy Development and Risk Communication
  • Partners with A/E – Multidisciplinary approach to problem solving in toxic exposures arena
  • Facility or project planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating and budgeting for environmental and occupational health and safety troubleshooting or compliance programming.

Public Health & Safety, Inc. works closely with the client to focus project specifications for:

  • Environmental / EPA and Occupational / OSHA Exposure Assessment – Regulatory Compliance
  • Comprehensive OSH risk management and audit services – public and private organizations
  • Emergency Planning per OSHA, EPA, FEMA or CDC standards for public and private agencies
  • Site-specific / process-specific targeted programming – Job Safety and Health Analysis
  • Construction or New Process Planning – Staging and Monitoring Regulatory Compliance 
  • Statistical validation of testing methods – QA/QC for in-house, vendor or regulatory evaluation

Past Performance Highlights

Illinois Department of Public Health 
  • West Town Lead Project (HUD/CDC) 
  • IL Refugee Lead Exposure Study
  • Lead Risk Assessor Training
US EPA – Environmental Justice Training
American Hospital Supply – Safety / Health Management Audit
  • Risk Management Information System Development with Vendor
Federal Occupational Health / HUD – Multi Family Lead Evaluations
Children’s Memorial Hospital
  • HUD Safer Yards Project – Lead Dust/Soil Research 
Great Lakes Naval Training Center 
  • Asbestos Project Design and Oversight Gym Building
  • Lead Inspection, Project Design / Historical Restoration of Building 1-H
  • Lead & Asbestos Inspection, 
  • Project Design & Project Oversight/Historical Restoration of Clock Tower
​Federal Emergency Management Agency 
  • Legionnaires Disease Microbiological Investigation
  • OSHA 1960 Inspections of Disaster Field Offices

Public and Private School Districts
Lead and Asbestos Inspection, Management Planning, Project Design & Oversight Services
  • Bellwood/Maywood area school 
  • Chicago area schools
  • Rockford area schools 
Architectural Clients
  • Bradley & Bradley Architects 
  • Tyson & Billy Architects
Property Management Companies
  • Metroplex, Inc.
  • Evergreen, Inc.
  • Related Midwest, Inc..
  • Rockford College  - HVAC upgrade / environmental
  • Rockford University - HVAC upgrade / environmental
UIC / City of Chicago / Dept of Homeland Security – FEMA
  • Regional Catastrophic Planning Grant – Risk Management
Housing Authorities
  • Housing Authority of LaSalle County  
  • Housing Authority of Champaign County 
  • Housing Authority of the City of Freeport 
  • Housing Authority of the County of Lake  
  • Rockford Housing Authority
  • AFSCME Local 2858 
Health Care Industry
  • Rockford Memorial Hospital
  • Freeport Memorial Hospital
  • Mercy Harvard Hospital
  • Morrison Community Hospital
  • University of Chicago - Section of Dermatology
  • Access Medical Clinics
  • American Hospital Supply Corp. 
  • Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
  • West Suburban Neighborhood Preservation Agency
  • Salvation Army
  • Habitat for Humanity
Industrial Clients
  • Siemens Industry, Inc. 
  • PVS Chemical, Inc (Illinois) 
  • RFM Inc.  (Marathon)
Environmental Subcontractor – Asbestos Project Design / Oversight
  • ET Environmental - Soldier Field Asbestos Project Design
  • GSG Environmental, Inc – Chicago Public Schools 
  • RCM Laboratories 
  • UIC / CDPH – Emergency Planning
  • EPA Lead Renovator Refresher Class Online