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IDPH Licensed Asbestos Services

Building Inspection

All Asbestos Building Inspections commonly referred to as asbestos inspection or asbestos testing must be performed in Illinois by an an IDPH-Licensed Asbestos Building Inspector. Schools – All public, private and charter schools in Illinois must be re-inspected once every three years by an IDPH Licensed Asbestos Building Inspector. The results of this re-inspection must be reviewed by an IDPH-Licensed Management Planner. Residential, Public and Commercial Buildings – Prior to renovating, remodeling, or demolishing a structure, the structure must be inspected for the presence of ACM. Single-family residential (non-commercial) structures with fewer then four dwelling units are not regulated by US EPA/IEPA (in most cases). An exception exists 

Public Health & Safety, Inc. has been providing asbestos testing, asbestos management planning, asbestos project design, asbestos project management, and air sampling consulting services since 1991. Public Health & Safety, Inc. provides asbestos consulting and oversight services in residential, commercial, industrial, educational and government sectors. We help our clients navigate the complicated and ever changing regulatory framework on a Federal, State and Local levels.
in Cook County where all properties and/or structures must be inspected prior to renovation, remodeling, or demolition. Asbestos inspections in Chicago are necessary due to recycling requirements on all demolition and renovation jobs, with the exception of single-family dwellings.  Asbestos inspections and asbestos testing are an integral part of OSHA compliance under OSHA's Construction Rule for asbestos.  

Management Planning
All schools in the State of Illinois must be under the management of an IDPH-Licensed Management Planner. Management Planners write School Management Plans as required by the Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act (AHERA) and IDPH rules and regulations. Within the management planning framework, they also make recommendations to Local Education Agencies on the implementation of Asbestos Control measures, based on periodic (three-year) or emergency evaluations by inspectors.  Some management plans are difficult to manipulate or keep current in manual, hard-copy format. Experience shows these copies often become easily disorganized lost, damaged, rendered illegible, or otherwise hard to decipher.  Public Health & Safety, Inc. specializes in preparing digitized management plans for schools, as well as for public and commercial clients as well. Buildings other than schools also benefit from digitized management plans because they help uphold and facilitate online work order maintenance systems. Such planning serves to further prevent accidental asbestos fiber release incidents that may lead to labor and operational losses, regulatory liabilities, possible criminal charges, and bad publicity.

Project Designer
All Asbestos Project Designs in Illinois must be written by an IDPH-licensed project designer. A project designer is required for all School Asbestos Response Actions as defined by IDPH/AHERA regulations. On many other Asbestos Response Actions, particularly in occupied buildings, Project Designer services are highly recommended.   Even if the owner of a building has a building inspected and hires an IDPH-Licensed Asbestos Contractor to remove the asbestos, complications may still arise. These complications are avoidable and usually occur due to poor planning, failure to account for site conditions, or failure to consider applicable government regulations. Oversights may result in numerous unaccounted expenses. Cleanup costs on poorly planned or mishandled jobs can reach 10-20 times the cost of a well-planned Asbestos Response Action designed by an IDPH Licensed Project Designer such as one provided by Public Health & Safety Inc. In Illinois, Project Designers are required to ensure that projects are carried out in accordance with design specifications by assigning an IDPH-licensed Project Manager/Air Sampling Professional.

Asbestos Project Management/Air Sampling Professional Services - (by building type)

Public and Commercial Buildings
Oversight services are performed for public, commercial, and industrial buildings. 
Aggressive clearances are required by IDPH rules on public and commercial buildings. To elaborate, the minimum test needed before re-occupancy is an aggressive final air clearance by an IDPH licensed asbestos air sampling professional or equivalent. Aggressive clearance entails the use of multiple fans and a 1-horsepower leaf blower. These are used to agitate the air inside the contained work area in order to test for remaining asbestos fiber levels. This occurs after completion of the final cleanup by an IDPH-licensed asbestos abatement contractor. On certain public or commercial jobs where an architect or government specification is involved, PHSI provides oversight that includes project management and air sampling services.

School (K-12) AHERA Projects
Project management and air sampling is required on all school jobs (K-12). To avoid conflict of interest issues, the school district must procure professional services from an asbestos consulting firm. Working under such a firm, the project manager must submit the Project Manager’s Report to IDPH within 60 days of completion of project regulations.

Cleanup Compliance Agreements
PHSI specializes in the design and oversight of IEPA, IDPH and local Cleanup Compliance Agreements (“CCAs”) on behalf of contractor, owner or property manager. Regardless of whether contamination is caused by the contractor, the building owner (even if unaware of an asbestos presence in the work area) may be held equally responsible for the costs associated with the CCA.
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